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Our surgical scissors are designed with precision blades and comfortable handles, enabling smooth and precise cutting.

Explore our selection of scissors suitable for different surgical specialties.


Size 10

Ideal for precise incisions in surgical procedures.


Size 11

Convenient and hygienic for single-use applications.

SL003 : Safety Scalpe

Size 15

Designed with a retractable blade for enhanced safety.

SL004: Electric Scalpel

Battery Operated - Offers precise cutting with electric power

SL005: Surgical Scalpel with Blade Guard

Size 22

Comes with a blade guard for added protection.

SL006: Carbon Steel Scalpel

Size 20

Durable and sharp for various cutting tasks.

SL007: Safety Scalpel with Retractable Blade

Size 21

Ensures safe handling during use.

SL008: Autoclavable Scalpel Handle

Size 21

Suitable for sterilization and reuse

SL009: Disposable Scalpel with Protective Cap

Size 10A

Individual packaging for sterile use

SL1010: Safety Scalpel with Ergonomic Handle

Size 18

Designed for comfortable grip and safety

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Choose from our range of forceps designed for various surgical applications.

Our forceps provide a firm grip and precise control, facilitating delicate tissue handling and manipulation during procedures.

FC001: Adson Forceps

Serrated Tips

Grasping and holding delicate tissues.

FC002: Tissue Forceps

Toothed Tips

Effective grip for tissues and dressing.

FC003: Dressing Forceps

Fine Points

Ideal for handling dressings and wound care.

FC004: Hemostatic Forceps

Curved Jaws

Designed to clamp blood vessels for hemostasis

FC005: Mosquito Forceps

Straight Jaws

For clamping small blood vessels and tissues.

FC006: Allis Tissue Forceps

4x5 Teeth

Securely grasping tissues during surgery.

FC007: Debakey Forceps

Fine Jaws

For delicate tissue manipulation in cardiovascular procedures.

FC008: Russian Forceps

Serrated Jaws

Suitable for tissue handling and suturing.

FC009: Babcock Intestinal Forceps

Fenestrated Jaws

Designed for holding intestines without damaging tissues.

FC010: Rochester-Pean Forceps

Curved Jaws

Multipurpose forceps for various surgical tasks.

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Our surgical scissors are designed with precision blades and comfortable handles, enabling smooth and precise cutting.

Explore our selection of scissors suitable for different surgical specialties.

SC001: Operating Scissors

Straight Blades, Sharp/Blunt Tips

Versatile for cutting and dissecting.

SC002: Dissecting Scissors

Curved Blades, Sharp/Sharp Tips

Ideal for precise tissue cutting.

SC003: Iris Scissors

Straight Blades, Fine Points

Suitable for delicate tasks in ophthalmology.

SC004: Mayo Scissors

Curved Blades, Blunt/Blunt Tips

General-purpose scissors for surgery.

SC005: Tungsten Carbide Scissors

Straight Blades, Sharp/Blunt Tips

Durable and longlasting with carbide inserts.

SC006: Bandage Scissors

Angled Blades, Blunt/Blunt Tips

Designed for cutting bandages.

SC007: Suture Scissors

Curved Blades, Sharp/Blunt Tips

Ideal for cutting sutures insurgeries.

SC008: Micro Scissors

Straight Blades, Fine Points

Precision scissors for microsurgicalprocedures.

SC009: Utility Scissors

Curved Blades, Sharp/Blunt Tips

Versatile scissors for various applications.

SC010: Lister Bandage Scissors

Angled Blades, Blunt/Sharp Tips

For cutting dressings and tough materials.

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Our retractors are essential tools for providing optimal exposure during surgical procedures.

Designed to hold tissues or organs aside, our retractors assist in maintaining a clear surgical field.

RT001: Gelpi Self-Retaining Retractor


Holds back tissues during surgery without manual assistance.

RT002: Senn Retractor


For retracting tissues and exposing surgical areas

RT003: Weitlaner Self-Retaining Retractor

Sharp Prongs

Designed for orthopedic and general surgeries.

RT004: Balfour Abdominal Retractor

Blades Spreadable

Provides optimal exposure in abdominal procedures.

RT005: Finochietto Rib Spreader Retractor


For thoracic surgeries and rib spreading.

RT006: Bookwalter Retractor


Holds back organs and tissues during complex surgeries.

RT007: Army-Navy Retractor

Sharp Blades

Commonly used for wound retraction and exposure.

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Needle Holder

Our needle holders offer a secure grip on surgical needles, ensuring precise suturing and minimizing the risk of needle slippage.

Choose from our range of needle holders to meet your specific requirements.

NH001: Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder

Tungsten Carbide

For holding needles securely during suturing.

NH002: Mathieu Needle Holder

Tungsten Carbide

Designed for delicate tissues and ophthalmic procedures.

NH003: Castroviejo Needle Holder

Curved Jaws

Precise control for microsurgical needles.

NH004: Crile-Wood Needle Holder

Serrated Jaws

Versatile for holding various needle sizes.

NH005: Webster Needle Holder

Smooth Jaws

For handling fine needles in delicate procedures.

NH006: Ryder Needle Holder

Tungsten Carbide

Provides a secure grip for heavy needles.

NH007: Debakey Needle Holder


Delicate control for microsurgical needles.

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Suction Devices

Our suction devices are indispensable for maintaining a clear surgical field by removing fluids and debris.

With reliable performance and ergonomic design, our suction devices enhance surgical efficiency.

SD001: Yankauer Suction Tube

Ribbed Tip

Used for suctioning fluids and debris during surgeries.

SD002: Poole Suction Tip

Multiple Holes

Effective for handling large volumes of fluids.

SD003: Frazier Suction Tube

Fine Tip

For delicate suctioning in neurosurgical procedures.

SD004: Finochietto Suction Tube

Angled Tip

Used in thoracic and lung surgeries.

SD005: Jackson-Pratt Suction Bulb

Drainage Collection

Facilitates postoperative wound drainage.

SD006: Pleur-Evac Suction System

Controlled Suction

Used in chest drainage for pneumothorax or hemothorax.

SD007: Venturi Suction Pump


Provides continuous and adjustable suction for various applications.

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Explore our range of speculums designed for various medical examinations and procedures.

Our speculums provide optimal visualization and ease of use, ensuring patient comfort and accurate diagnoses.

SP001: Graves Vaginal Speculum


Provides optimal visibility in gynecological examinations.

SP002: Pederson Vaginal Speculum


For examining the vaginal walls and cervix.

SP003: Cusco Vaginal Speculum


Allows better access during gynecological procedures.

SP004: Sims Vaginal Speculum

Angular Blades

Designed for lateral wall examination.

SP005: Nasal Speculum

Adult Size

Used for nasal cavity examination and procedures.

SP006: Oral Mouth Gag Speculum


Holds the mouth open during dental or oral surgeries.

SP007: Rectal Speculum

Adult Size

For rectal examinations and minor procedures.

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Bone Saw

Our bone saws are specifically designed for orthopedic surgeries, offering precision and control when cutting bone.

With durable construction and ergonomic handles, our bone saws provide reliable performance.

BS001: Gigli Saw

Wire Design

For cutting bones in orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures.

BS002: Stryker Saw


Used in orthopedic surgeries for bone cutting.

BS003: Gigli Saw Handles

Stainless Steel

Complementary handles for Gigli saws.

BS004: Oscillating Saw


For precise cutting in orthopedic surgeries.

BS005: Rib Shear


Designed for rib cutting in thoracic surgeries.

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Hemostats are vital tools for controlling bleeding during surgical procedures.

Our hemostats are designed to provide a secure grip and effective hemostasis, promoting successful surgical outcomes.

HM9001: Kelly Hemostat Forceps


For clamping blood vessels and tissues.

HM9002: Mosquito Hemostat Forceps


Delicate forceps for small blood vessels.

HM9003: Rochester-Pean Hemostat Forceps


Offers strong grip for larger vessels.

HM9004: Crile Hemostat Forceps


General-purpose hemostats for various procedures.

HM9005: Mixter Hemostat Forceps


Ideal for vascular and neurological surgeries.

HM9006: Ferguson Angiotribe Forceps


For larger vessels in cardiovascular surgeries.

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Our trocars are essential for minimally invasive procedures, facilitating safe access to body cavities.

With sharp, precision tips and secure fixation mechanisms, our trocars ensure accurate and efficient trocar placement.

TR001: Hasson Trocar


For laparoscopic access with a self-retaining design.

TR002: Veress Needle Trocar


For creating pneumoperitoneum in laparoscopic surgery.

TR003: Suction Irrigation Trocar


Combines trocar access with suction and irrigation.

TR004: Laparoscopic Trocar Cannula


Designed for minimal invasive surgical procedures.

TR005: Laparoscopic Trocar Bladeless


Provides smooth entry without a blade.

HM006: Ferguson Angiotribe Forceps


For larger vessels in cardiovascular surgeries.